how to train your cat

Are you tired of religiously discarding and cleaning the litter box of your cat or maybe the awful smell you experience after each ‘poo’ you cat does? Then here is a detailed step by step method of toilet training your cat.


1. Finding a litter bowl

Since Cat’s are used to litter boxes for passing their feces, a transition from a litter box to a litter bowl would be very easy. Some few days before you make this step, take the existing litter box into the bathroom. The first thing you’ll need is a stainless steel bowl which would fit the inside of your Toilet bowl. Make sure the bowl fits the smug. You can find a $6 bowl at a local discount store and pound it with a few pounce hammer and it will work just find (make sure your estimations or calculations are right). Fill the bowl with litter, keep it there for a few days and ensure that it is very clean. Change and discard after use and add new litter as well. Also make sure the toilet lead is never down. If possible, tape the lead to the back of the toilet, this way, it will not crash down on the cat when its using the toilet.


2. The platform

Once your cat has mastered the new litter bowl, you want to begin to introduce the concept of sitting on the seat, instead of down on the sand. Use a plastic tray or a heavy card board and cut it to fit over the steel bowl. Make sure it is steady enough to support the weight of your cat. You’d not want to let it fall in it in this stage of the game.

Cut a small how at the center of your platform so it can still get one limb down into the litter to dig.


There is a new trick, Cats like to dig holes in litter, so what it’ll do if you’re lucky is it’ll dig a hole with one limb and turn itself around and do its business right down into the hole. What ever happens, as long as your cat is still using the platform, you are heading in the right direction. If you use one of the plastic trays, it’s easier to rinse off any mistakes. Remember to keep scooping and discarding but don’t worry about adding more litter to the bowl. You want to keep the level going down as you prepare for the next phase.


3. The big switch

Now that your cat is giving up sitting in a litter box and it is reliably using the platform, You are ready for the big switch. Gradually decrease the litter in the bowl until you have just little left. Then, when you are planning on been at home for the weekend (as this is the hardest part of all) fill the bow up with water instead of litter. You’ll hate this as much as the cat will too, but be patient and allow the cat to get it mastered, then you are almost free.


4. The Home stretch

Once your cat is using the toilet from the platform into the bowl of water, you can remove the steel bowl all together, now it would be using the toilet directly with the help of your platform. If this goes well, you can begin to cut a larger hole on the platform, keep it on the toilet for the cat to use. All you need to is to keep flushing a few times a day.


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